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Chicken & Pizza Junction

01582 424141
158 Dunstable Road

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Cuisine types: Fried Chicken

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Reviews for Chicken & Pizza Junction (4)

best pizza in town, staff have attitude problems

Rob - 28 July 2013

They are the worst take away and have no customer service. They took over an hour and i still didn't receive my order. When i rang them i received attitude and was told they are busy and won't deliver my order. Do not order from them.

Sahifah Tariq - 25 October 2012

chicken and pizza junction u have the best pizza u beat any take away i recommend this take away to every one, they should make more of this take away wow

jack - 20 October 2012

wow first time i ate @ a takeaway in luton, simply delicious pizza absolutely amazing this should be around the u.k best takeaway in luton.

emily - 20 October 2012