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028 94454848
13 Main Street
BT29 4UP

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Cuisine types: Fast Food

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Reviews for Elements (3)

Cannot believe these reviews. First this is a takeaway, so the restaurant reviewer has completely the wrong place.

we have used this takeaway for years, any complaints we have had were dealt with - I have to say rather dourly, but satisfactory (meal replaced). I have not tried speaking to the manager on the phone, they're all chinese so no point. Chips are excellent proper chippy chips. Food is spot on for a small town takeaway.

Joe Bangles - 05 February 2012

I will not be using this takeaway restaurant again. The beef chop suey contained a "meat" with a texture like jelly. The breast of chicken with fried rice and curry, contained what I think was a marinated or barbecued chicken. Why would anyone do this to chicken that is being served with curry? No one from my party would eat their meal as they were unsure of what they had been served.

M Kane - 31 January 2012

I will not use them again and have told my friends who would have used them, because everything is alright as long as you have no complaints there customer service is appauling. When you ring to complain and ask for the manager the chinese women comes on and squeels down the reciever "speak no english" and slams down the phone great customer service

Joe - 18 March 2011