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New Sage

01604 646160
7 Boothville Green

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Cuisine types: Fast Food

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Reviews for New Sage (2)

One of the best takeaways in Northampton, food was delicious and the service was very friendly. My delivery came within 25 minutes, definitely ordering again!! 10/10

Connor - 08 March 2014

Not happy with the food or service. Food was spicy to the point that flavours were cancelled out, the ribs were tough and had a crispy hard texture. The rice was very dry and lacked in flavour. The chicken was okay (Okay) .. And to make it worse the meal did not come with any prawn crackers??... The service was very poor, did not understand a word over the phone, was then passed on to someone. When arriving to the Chinese takeaway, our order was placed on the counter without notice that this was our order.

Nathan - 09 January 2014